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Beamspun 7: 31st May 2020

Local sunrise / publish time: 0352 UTC (-6m) Hey Sunday folks, or whatever epoch it is where you are, and welcome new readers. Not going to lie to you, I am tired at the time of writing this. There will probably be typos, missing and incorrect links, grammatical crimes, hidden crocodiles, discarded sweet wrappers and all the other sins of humanity. All errors are my own, of course. Unless someone else made them. But that's no excuse. These things come and go, and we're in it for the long haul. We push on and do what we have to do, because nobody else is going to do it for us. And then we relax when we're done, kick back, smile, sleep, dream some more, snore, mutter strange paragraphs and then do it all again the next time the sun comes up. Because that's how stuff gets done and how the world changes. This week my energy is being sustained by photos of the little things from people I talk to. Flowers, skies, whatever takes their interest. So here's one for you f

Beamspun 6: 24th May 2020

Local sunrise / publish time: 0358 UTC (-9m) Hello world, you humans you. How are you? May always confuses me - one moment it's the start of the summer, and a month later the equinox is looming and I'm already thinking about autumn time. Not to complain though. This week, I've been tending. Tending to the seedlings to make sure they don't get eaten or shrivelled up. And tending to my broken self-hosted RSS feeds and feed reader, which means I've inundated myself with links to catch up on from the last few weeks. Weeding and reading go together, huh? Anyway, a special shout out to Giuseppe this week for his data visualisations newsletter , which has fed in at least a few of the links below. New moon, bank holiday, let's go let's go. Links #photos: Spana Reddy's featured Flickr images : " ...we tend to forget that long before these places of worship were built there have existed natural cathedrals where the pillars rose from the depths of th

Beamspun 5: 17th May 2020

Intro Local sunrise / publish time: 0407 UTC (-10m) ( via my Flickr ) Drawn out time. Long time. It's a thing. Our days are stretching out ahead of us, devoid of the novelty value we've become used to in our techno-middle-class lives. Repetitive days, sun up / make tea / sun down / dream / sun up / tea down / dream up / down down / etc. This is how the great trees live, how the bees spend their days. No Netflix for cacti. No world concerts that the ants can tune into. Enjoy the passage of time. Links #arts: Oh my, what is this Botanical Mind online gallery thing with its sections on things like Indigenous Cosmologies and some intriguing podcasts ? In another world, I would have taken the name "Happy roots" for this newsletter from Adam Chodzko's piece : #videos: Hey, can we replace the term "ecosystem" with "living, green infrastructure"?

Beamspun 4: 10th May 2020

Intro Local sunrise / publish time: 0417 UTC (-12m) It is strange to hear talk of easing lockdown restrictions at the moment. Part of me is wondering what it will be like - not the practicalities and the guidelines, but the sense of return. I vividly remember coming back to the airport after a week's walking in the Alps. Heated wine replaced rapidly by giant TV screens. The meandering path substituted for signs and clocks with seconds on. I remember that moment more than many parts of the walking, and more than the air flight home. The return is not important. Where we have been is not important. Right now, one thing matters - that we take the sense of confusion and disruption all around us, and drive it home. We explore it and use it as a tool to question ourselves, to cease our habits and to gaze into the deep, dark folds of our imagination. For what? For something different. Something we've forgotten. Links #longreads:   This is a very good   exploration of the politics and

Beamspun 3: 3rd May 2020

Intro Local sunrise / publish time: 0429 UTC (weekly change: -13m) Mon 4th: Equinox / Solstice midpoint. Lake, Valley: ☱ Good morning. Is it May already? Bluebells and clouds have returned around these parts, billowing, bulbous cloud formations like you see in films. The end of April took a few days out to pretend it was still the April we knew - chilled days and sudden showers - but I'm on to you April, your blue skies and raised temperatures don't have me fooled. A quick shout out this week to both the Writers HQ mail-out and orbitalfox's Gaia group for keeping me inspired and looking forwards, not backwards. Because without inspiration, we've got nothing. Links #punk: Let's kick off with this great post from solarpunkdruid: The Punk in Solarpunk: Not all Rebellion is Performative : " Solarpunk says no, kindness and earnestness are better ". #punk: And Freedom Bookshop's (old?) post on solarpunk and anarchist infrapolitics . #narr