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Beamspun 1.3: 3rd January 2021

Local sunrise / publish time: 0801 UTC (+0m - sunset is changing rapidly though) Twentytwentytwentytwentytwenty... twenty-one! Well, we made it here. Here, to this future land overgrown with teeming life, where the sun comes up and goes down and we re-discover the corners of our houses and the world is brought together by invisible forms and the Great Human Network experiment turns into an infrastructure of its own. We have been on the road so long that we forget that where we came from was just as strange as what we encounter now. We stare out of the window as we bounce along unknown dusty tracks, and somewhere inside us, as deep as the soul, we hum to ourselves to comfort us and conjure up memories of better days and exciting places. Happy New Year. Nomadic Decoupling To be quite honest, I don't think I ever really knew what "normal" was to begin with. Politics and materialism, TV and war - none of these ever truly spoke to my belly or my heart. I have a fleeting