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Beamspun 2: 26th April 2020

Intro Local sunrise / publish time: 0442 UTC May Day is fast approaching on this edge of the sphere, although it feels like we fast-forwarded through April and woke up in June already. The world is a strange place, and even stranger the last few months. But the cycles turn and turn, and the ins and outs and ups and downs are what define us. The Green Man watches us. Celebrate the coming of change, and you will remember what it means to be alive. Today's edition delves into trees a bit more, in celebration of the return of the leaves and the arrival of shoots. Just to refresh your memory, Beamspun is not a purely "solarpunk" thing - it's about investigating the web that exists around us, a result of living in a world that circles the sun. Links #archive: What do you mean you haven't seen Studio Ghibli's NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind yet? It's from 1984, but you're not allowed to read any further until you've seen it. Go and find a

Beamspun 1: 19th April 2020

Intro Local sunrise / publish time: 0456 UTC   Hoods up. Panels out. Welcome to the first "proper" Sunday Sol round-up, under a new Beamspun blog and brand. I'm still playing with the setup and the hosting, so let me know if there's any features or ideas you'd love to see - contact info down below. This week, there are a lot of stories and discussion floating around, so I wanted to focus on these a bit. Caveat: I haven't read them yet! If you do and post a review somewhere, let me know. Fictions and visions may not always feature so heavily, week-on-week. One of the aims of this newsletter is not to blindly accept shiny design and utopian dreams, but to kickstart discussion around feasibility, knock-on effects, details of implementation, and so on. Get the party started hard. And to venture further into the realm of discussion, I've included a couple of paragraphs at the bottom of this round-up to highlight how what I post has got me thinking

Beamspun 0: 12th April 2020

This is a re-post of an initial link round-up posted at my 6suns blog last week. As mentioned previously , I've been wanting to bring together some solarpunk links somehow, so I figured I'd just start out and see what happens. Right now, every time I wake up, it feels there is some sort of layer-on-layer parallax-scrolling-style weight of doom running past the window. Everyone seems to be waiting for the world to either sort itself out, or end us in the next few years. And honestly, I gave up that sort of pessimism years ago, back when I realised that if you look into the abyss, you'll end up there in pretty short time. So let's turn this around and get on with whatever the fyck needs doing. We live in a time of massive change and upheaval, and if this isn't a solarpunk opportunity handed to us on a plate, then what is? And on a yang-pagan-christian-ritual note, Easter Sunday just felt like a perfect day to bring new energy into the world. Take you

Welcome to Beamspun

Welcome to Beamspun, a solarpunk newsletter of sorts. Bringing some hope, magic, practicality into a strange and future world. Published irregular Sundays. Subscribe via email , or via Atom (RSS) feed . Feedback and suggestions welcome - contact options: Gnusocial: | Twitter: @6loss | XMPP: | Email: beamspun at exmosis . net