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Welcome to Beamspun

Welcome to Beamspun, a solarpunk newsletter of sorts. Bringing some hope, magic, practicality into a strange and future world. Published irregular Sundays. Subscribe via email , or via Atom (RSS) feed . Feedback and suggestions welcome - contact options: Gnusocial: | Twitter: @6loss | XMPP: | Email: beamspun at exmosis . net
Recent posts

Beamspun 1.3: 3rd January 2021

Local sunrise / publish time: 0801 UTC (+0m - sunset is changing rapidly though) Twentytwentytwentytwentytwenty... twenty-one! Well, we made it here. Here, to this future land overgrown with teeming life, where the sun comes up and goes down and we re-discover the corners of our houses and the world is brought together by invisible forms and the Great Human Network experiment turns into an infrastructure of its own. We have been on the road so long that we forget that where we came from was just as strange as what we encounter now. We stare out of the window as we bounce along unknown dusty tracks, and somewhere inside us, as deep as the soul, we hum to ourselves to comfort us and conjure up memories of better days and exciting places. Happy New Year. Nomadic Decoupling To be quite honest, I don't think I ever really knew what "normal" was to begin with. Politics and materialism, TV and war - none of these ever truly spoke to my belly or my heart. I have a fleeting

Beamspun 1.2: 1st November 2020

Local sunrise / publish time: 0651 UTC (+12m) Good morning from the South Coast. "We need to act, behave, and build as if we are in the dawn light of an emerging new thriving, collective, regenerative new set of systems, not the dying days of a crumbling, divided broken one." ... via NESTA/Twitter "Belief is a kind of rocket fuel" ... Louis Theroux , after exploring faith and extremism It's a full and blue moon, crossed with seasons. The dead and the otherworlds are leaking into our own subconscious reality. Move fast, leave offerings, and stay silent. Samhain: A Time for Listening to Ghosts Under the celtic calendar , we've reached the period of Samhain (" Sow-in "). " As at Beltaine, special bonfires were lit. These were deemed to have protective and cleansing powers, and there were rituals involving them. Like Beltaine, Samhain was a liminal or threshold festival, when the boundary between this world and the Otherworld thinned, me

Beamspun 1.1: 13th September 2020

Local sunrise / publish time: 0532 UTC (+11m) Welcome back. Thanks for sticking with me. It's been a while and I've forgotten how to format everything, but as posted before Beamspun will be less regular, and more focused on aspects of change. While we all want things to change as fast as possible, I'm currently thinking about disruption, and how our current normal (despite what people would have you believe about a new one) can be interrupted. There are still links, and I'm sure the mix of those with thoughts will change with each newsletter, but as always, feedback welcome. OK, time to shine. Blocking and Disruption The world has see a lot of disruption in forever years, and I'm never quite sure if the rate of disruption is increasing, or if the current generation - and our fad of never-ending news cycles - has an increased awareness of it. I think what is certain is that the powers which have wielded disruption (politics, propaganda, warfare, etc) are w

2020-07-26 - Chapter One

Local sunrise / publish time: 0418 UTC (+10m) Solnotes Hey, how are you? It's slightly mad I can type out some words and have no idea what you're doing when you pick them up. Maybe you're on a bus, a sofa, or beach. Maybe this is the day after I wrote it, freah as dew, or maybe I've worked out my archives and this is part of some strange collection a year, 5 years, 50 years down the line. Maybe I'm myself reading this back, wondering what I started or what I forgot all those years ago. Writing is weird like this. But however it happens, one thing is certain - writing is about a connection. Through time and space. From one culture to another. Injected into minds I can never obtain a true idea of the authenticity of. But here we are, here to conect. A few things have happened recently. I set up a notebook for Beamspun. It should probably be called PROJECT BEAMSPUN or somesuch now - once you write a name on a notebook, that's it - it's Official. Its part

2020-07-19 - Pause

What, was that two weeks? Never. It felt like a month and a breath all in one. Lots of things happened - comings and goings, reconnections and endings and re-birth. A happy time and a sad time. A busy time, and a relaxing one. It was a good time to have a break from writing, to be honest. I've been watching though. The world around us is into its difficult stage now - the initial urgency of the Covid pandemic is giving way into second waves, gradual rippling around the world, and more chances opening up to ask - what next? and what are we supposed to be doing? And so far, I'm not sure anyone has any real answers. There's a depressing lack of imagination floating around. The most imaginative we can get is to tell ourselves that there's some sort of "new normal" coming. But we daren't imagine what that look like, and so we seek out any return to the old normal. Sales are seen as a bridge to the old economies. Slogans help us put a veneer on old habits.