Welcome to Beamspun, a solarpunk newsletter of sorts. Beamspun sits between two very personal interests:

On one hand, taoism and spiritualism guide me to try to act 'without contention', and in line with the natural systems that bear us up.

On the other hand, I'm an 'engineer' in that I like to build things that work. As a builder, it is my duty to always consider the effects of my 'agency' in the world. Where do my materials and sources come from? What are the effects of what I've made, across all considerations?

So solarpunk is somewhere in the middle of these things, for me. I started experimenting with solar panels for USB devices a few years ago, which I blog about separately at 6suns.exmosis.net - technologically, this is micro scale, but the key aim is to use technology more mindfully, rather than to take our energy for granted. From small steps, we make long journeys.

The Beamspun newsletter aims to bring together my own thoughts and resources from being in the solarpunk area. It won't catch everything, but it will mix tech, narratives, ideas, discussion, religion and art in a way that reflects my own efforts to tie everything together for a different future.

Thanks for reading...