Beamspun 3: 3rd May 2020


Local sunrise / publish time: 0429 UTC (weekly change: -13m)
Mon 4th: Equinox / Solstice midpoint. Lake, Valley: ☱

Good morning. Is it May already? Bluebells and clouds have returned around these parts, billowing, bulbous cloud formations like you see in films. The end of April took a few days out to pretend it was still the April we knew - chilled days and sudden showers - but I'm on to you April, your blue skies and raised temperatures don't have me fooled.

A quick shout out this week to both the Writers HQ mail-out and orbitalfox's Gaia group for keeping me inspired and looking forwards, not backwards. Because without inspiration, we've got nothing.


Stylised print of colourful tree patterns

  • #resources: Discovered the Appropedia page on Approproate Technology and will be reading that for the next week at least.

  • #photos: I figure readers might appreciate this collection of Lucas Foglia's photos about his new book, telling "personal stories that transcend location, culture, and class, to underscore our universal need for a connection to the natural world.". (Warning: Not all images are SFW.) Here's Seoul:

Panorama of Seoul city with forest bleeding into buildings.


I've been having some private chats about how best to organise thoughts and discussion under banners like 'solarpunk'. There's a real risk that we can both constrain our thoughts by trying to 'fit in', and that we also end up diverting energy into discussing what a particular term means.

Personally, that's not why I started doing this. I'm here to just show off the things which are urging me on. It means I'll miss some things, maybe even disagree with others. But as I hit edition 3, I'm aware the only way I'm going to keep going with this is to make it as personal as I can. Curation is key to the future - but whose future?

That comes straight back tp the idea of 'punk' for me - we may subscribe to common values and ideals as each other, but we also sign up to the notion that we're each free to explore as we wish, that 'fitting in' leads to the suppression of ideas.

One last thing - I'm trying to keep the links above 'positive' and practical, which meant this last oen didn't make the cut, but I did like this RSA animation about climate change adn the DFuture of Humanity that Mrs Scribe sent me this week.

Til next time; peace, growth, and DIY.
- Scribe

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