Beamspun 4: 10th May 2020


Local sunrise / publish time: 0417 UTC (-12m)

It is strange to hear talk of easing lockdown restrictions at the moment. Part of me is wondering what it will be like - not the practicalities and the guidelines, but the sense of return.

I vividly remember coming back to the airport after a week's walking in the Alps. Heated wine replaced rapidly by giant TV screens. The meandering path substituted for signs and clocks with seconds on. I remember that moment more than many parts of the walking, and more than the air flight home.

The return is not important. Where we have been is not important. Right now, one thing matters - that we take the sense of confusion and disruption all around us, and drive it home. We explore it and use it as a tool to question ourselves, to cease our habits and to gaze into the deep, dark folds of our imagination.

For what? For something different. Something we've forgotten.


I'm losing track of weeks, although this is apparently beamspun edition 4 which is about a month in "real people" terms.

Each week has felt very different so far, depending on what links are coming up, regular and seasonal cycles, and my own time to dig into things. However, after a month, I do find I'm reading more, thinking things through more, and finding a way forwards.

This is good, this is what I wanted. Not just to post links, but to explore the ideas out there, find inspiration, and just know that this ... thing, whatever I'm aiming for, is Possible, capital P.

I've been wondering what this newsletter's tagline would be if it had one. "Grow the Future" sounded like something capitalist (but made me re-think the idea of 'de-growth'; maybe it's just the wrong kind of growth we have in the world). "The Art of Nurture" seems closer but vaguely used a thousand times before. "Future Nurture" is hard to type and quickly turns into "Furture". Ugh.

I'll keep thinking. Til next time.

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