Beamspun 9: 14th June 2020

Local sunrise / publish time: 0345 UTC (-2m)

Well it's one of those weeks when the flies are buzzing and the links are jumping out the walls. Not long until we hit maximum daylight here in the summer hemisphere, and the bindweed is having a party. Today the clouds looked like feathers dropped by the great god of birds for seagulls to play in. There's a clue somewhere in that. Get out and spread your wings.

It's Sunday, here's the Beamspun.


  • integrate: I've been fascinated by foraging for a few years, so was looking up cow parsley which also looks like hemlock it turns out. Anyway, the first half of this video on cow parsley and hemlock is all about not just foraging, but about getting away from books and screens, and getting to know plants up close and personal, out and about, in the wild. Embrace the wild, learn from each other, take a journey.
  • stories: The NARWHAL project to "detonate narratives" has caught my attention but I'm still processing it :) If you're interested in some serious discussion and action around society's narrative and policy, then definitely look into it. Regular mailouts and meetups.

  • music: Just discovering Warp Records' Bibio this week. For that space between folk and electronic music, check out new album Sleep on the Wing and older release Ribbons...

  • trees; Trees as both mirrors and shapers of their environment to the point where you can't really tell the difference any more, between whether trees are alive and their own thing, or just an extension of the world they exist as a part of. "... a more apt metaphor would be that animals are the decorations or props on the Earth’s complex vegetal life system"


  • transport: More on doing up and ripping up cars, here's part 2 of an interview with a community that converts cars to electric. I particularly like the emphasis on starting with something rubbish just to test the theory, and then never looking back: "My first electric car project went 12.5 miles with lead acid batteries, the batteries weighed 600kg." Also, open source hardware.

  • architecture: Take an automobile robot and 3D print a small eco house with it? Oh, and it floats and is obviously boat-shaped. Sign me up, I love houseboats.

A small room like a cubby hole inside a printed, floating house, withcosy bed and lighting.

A desktop PC case with grass growing on top of it.

  • energy: The UK has just gone 2 months without coal power. I'm not quite sure what that means in a global economy, but it's in the right direction. And if you want a more global view, this live electricity map is a great view (for where data is available, ho hum).

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