Beamspun Nothing: A Moon for Reflection

Beamspun is a regular newsletter/mailout about things cosmic, magical, alternative and technical... except for this month.

I hoped to publish something, but life has taken over a bit - the last few weeks have been full-on with changing job, and I've not had the time or energy for the newsletter.

Thursday was my last proper day of employment. The day before, May's flower moon was the closest of the year, an orange mirror holding sway over the whole earth, coinciding with a total lunar eclipse. Some people took photos of it. For me, it was mostly cloudy.

But I knew it was there, and that unlike a rainbow, it was there for everyone at the same time. Light and shadow lining up, orbits and circles falling into a split-second of order. The same angles acting across millions of miles of space, true for everyone on earth.

Illumination. Reflection. Obscurity. We're all caught between the extremes. And that's ok. Nothing to worry about.

Sometimes it's ok for things to come together, and to take the time to pause, to gaze on without thought. That moment the tide changes, or the fleeting apex of a bird's flight path. Taking stock of a new direction.

So instead of links this week, I'd like to put out an invitation instead. My inbox is open and I'm curious about what comes next. Dear readers, become writers, and get in touch. Feeling philosophical? I am, so here's a question for you:

What do you think humanity's greatest strength is?

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Until soon.

- Graham